Dawakrdn Company

For Delivery System, Rebranding & Logistics

Dawakrdn Company

For Delivery System, Rebranding & Logistics

About Us

With dawakrdn, you become owner of your own platform and website that through them, you can control your entire system and monitor you sales status.

Become a modern system owner to deliver you products to your customers, after that, you can widen you market scale.


How dawakrdn Solves you problem?

Dawakrdn will create a system under your name, in another word white label application, creating a website, also granting a dashboard to control your system.

Giving ability to directly edit system aspects such as(Working Schedule, Delivery Schedule, menu, quantity and state of products).

Solution to many issues that occurs to the customer outside and inside of their business.

A convinent replacement to call center, from employees side or devices, to reduce direct call and recording every of aspect of order.

Dawakrdn Delivery


We create website and social media and manage them for you.

Dawakrdn Delivery


Rebranding, Reintroducing you name and you business by wearing it another skin based onĀ  international standards

Dawakrdn Delivery


Solving delivery issues by delivery staff


Apart from all these

Dawakrdn can solve many other problems that are out of our services, you can contact us and we will come to you for negotiation.

Fixing the puzzle

Apart from Solution

Dawakrdn Solution is offering another service which is Visit Slemani

What is Visit Slemani?

Visit slemani is a website to serve and help people who live in of visit slemani city, and this concludes all the communities.

Beside helping people of Slemani, visit slemani will help tourists and can become the best tour guide and friends to the visitors.

for more information

Visit slemani

Dawakrdn Applications

white label user app

User App

User or customer registers from this account, they can place order from here, then it transfers to your admin app

admin app

Admin app

It’s Salers app, you receive custoemer’s order fro here, then you can make them ready, and send to delivery boy in case delivery boy was your option of delivery.

delivery boy app

Delivery boy

It’s delivery boy’s friend, it can deliver order’s to delivery boy, and guide them to order place.

Example of those places who chose dawakrdn

Why Dawakrdn Solution?

Apart of all the other delivery systems, dawakrdn system will not ask any commision from you earnings, we will only a take a monthly budget, what’s your’s is your’s, and that’s based on the plan we agree on.

Don’t Forget! dawakrdn will not come and do business with you products, it will create an online market and you do your business, that’s is the reason dawakrdn is being called Solution.