Make your own White label Delivery Platform

About Dawakrdn

Become owner of your own business

With dawakrdn, you become owner of your own platform and website.

Safe and Secure

Gain %100 percent security and support from us.

Have it your way

We work white label, so your application, your name and your brand will be seen by people.

Up to the day

We provide you the latest features, giving you a system wehere you can organize your products the best way possible.


Admin App

  • Used by the admin or the business owners end.
  • Dawakrdn Admin App is where you can take the customers orders.
  • Through Dawakrdn Admin App, you can manage the history and setting of your orders.
  • you can setup your Admin App the way you want to based on the many features we provided.
  • Dawakrdn Admin App is for free, once you have Your own whitelabel Dawakrdn App, You can have a Dawakrdn Admin App user and use it to take you Orders!.


Delivery Boy

  • The App that used by the Drivers and Delivery Boy.
  • Orders from Admin App will be delivered to Delivery Boy, And here Delivery Boys will receive orders.
  • Many Features are available for Delivery Boy to manage and analyze their delivery data.
  • After Sending Order to Delivery Boy, here is where the Delivery Boy will notify customer about their delivery status via notification bar from customers end.


Web Service


Unlike Dawakrdn Platform applications, we will design your website based on your desire.

Designing your website on the most trendy styles, making it functional and stylish.


It’s for Free

If you Purchase a Dawakrdn platform, your website comes for free with it.

So no more than the monthly fee, you can have a full functioning website that cames with dawakrn applications.

Who is behind Dawakrdn?

Snap Box Company

For Technological information, Logistics, Delivery

Snap Box is a company based in Iraq, Sulaymaniyah, providing Logistics and delivery services.

Snap box is currently providing delivery Delivery services in sulaymaniyah.

Logistics services is provided throughout entire Iraq.